Dreaming of a luxurious comfortable bathroom to replace your tired outdated one?  Its easier than ever before and more exciting.  Northside Brisbane Builders Champagne homes have the ideas and expertise to make it easy.  Luxury upgrades are no longer limited to hot tubs and  heatlights .   Manufacturers of bathroom fixtures and amenities offer a such a variety of top of the line hardware to make your master bathroom into your own private retreat. 

Consider some of the options below when building or renovating your home with Northside Building Contractor Champagne Homes.
Luxury Bath Hardware – Heated towel racks give you the  warm cozy fresh towel feel when you first step out of the shower.  Watch your favourite news program before you head off for work in your LCD TV hidden behind the mirror.

Custom Showers – Luxury showers today can come with body sprays, handheld shower wands, or rain heads from the ceiling.  Take a Tub in Comfort – an endless array of tubs, from hot air tubs, whirlpool tubs, walk in tubs are just the beginning, why not choose some mood lighting as and sound affects for a real five star experience. Continue reading

Is there anything better than the dream and the excitement of designing and building a new home.  If you are ready to take the plunge, a good builder will also have a bit of knowledge about the real estate market in your area and will be a good source of information in your planning and buying land and packages available.  Champagne Homes, Brisbane’s Quality Northside Builder will  give you the advice you need to  draw a proper plan within your budget.  They will know all the land authority and legal aspects that need to be dealt with or will deal with them for you during the contract.  You should also be able to see display homes or homes that the builder has built.  There’s some great features being built into new homes these days, in the kitchens and bathrooms particularly and your builder will help you select ones to make your dream home work the way you want.  Continue reading

When you feel your current home is not right for you any longer  or you want to make some major changes you need to decide whether to build a new home or renovate your existing one.  Building a new home is a very exciting and rewarding time,but can be overwhelming if you don’t plan ahead.  While your builder will inform you of all your costs associated with the actual building, remember you’ll need to take into account your home loan fees such as application fees and government stamp duty, buying a block of land, as well as often overlooked costs such as movers for  your furniture into your new home or replacing your old as well as the cost of your new build. Continue reading

What do you look for in a builder and how do you find the best one for your job.

A professional builder will operate in a business like manner, they’ll arrange appointments and show up on time.  They should be well organised and deal with your questions and concerns directly,  explaining everything you need to know to satisfy your query.     How a builder deals with you before the job starts should tell you a lot about how you can expect the job to proceed. Continue reading

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