Dreaming of a luxurious comfortable bathroom to replace your tired outdated one?  Its easier than ever before and more exciting.  Northside Brisbane Builders Champagne homes have the ideas and expertise to make it easy.  Luxury upgrades are no longer limited to hot tubs and  heatlights .   Manufacturers of bathroom fixtures and amenities offer a such a variety of top of the line hardware to make your master bathroom into your own private retreat. 

Consider some of the options below when building or renovating your home with Northside Building Contractor Champagne Homes.
Luxury Bath Hardware – Heated towel racks give you the  warm cozy fresh towel feel when you first step out of the shower.  Watch your favourite news program before you head off for work in your LCD TV hidden behind the mirror.

Custom Showers – Luxury showers today can come with body sprays, handheld shower wands, or rain heads from the ceiling.  Take a Tub in Comfort – an endless array of tubs, from hot air tubs, whirlpool tubs, walk in tubs are just the beginning, why not choose some mood lighting as and sound affects for a real five star experience.
Elegant Cabinetry – We all need more storage in the bathroom.  Today’s cabinets offer elegant solutions from custom vanities and wall units and why not change out the top of the vanity with a marble feature or a top mounted sink with elegant tap wear. 

Can’t forget the kitchen while renovating.    The hub of the home, where we all spend the most time, cooking, chatting to family and friends.  If its due for a remodelling, here’s some more ideas.

Today’s cabinets will give you double the space without sacrificing style.  Spread your cabinets around your kitchen with careful planning so you don’t end up with unused areas.  Keep appliances behind cabinet doors so you have more workspace.  Subdued colours are the go at the moment, simple and functional it gives a cleaner, more modern touch.  Perhaps hang some of your pots and pans to save you bending down into your cabinets as well as having them at easy reach and practical.   Update your appliances while you are at it, replace your old white goods with some of the sleek stainless steel energy saving ones.  Look for Eco friendly appliances with a high star rating.  

Champagne Homes Northside Brisbane Builders can give you some creative ideas to consider, just give us a call.  Give your kitchen the makeover it deserves.  Spending your hard earned dollars in the kitchen and bathroom has big payoffs both to increase the value of your home, but also your overall enjoyment of your living space.  When planning to renovate these rooms, look  at the space you’ll be working with, do a rough sketch if you want to change the existing layout, see how practical moving certain things may be and how it might affect the flow of what you do so you don’t have to make last minute adjustments.    Think about your overall colour scheme both for the walls floor and cabinets so you go for a coherent finish.

Your builder will give you the cost of the renovation, materials labour and any new appliances you want.  You may be able to cut costs by keeping anything that is still sturdy and in good condition, giving them a fresh coat of paint or a new finish. Look at lots of design magazines and work out the best you like in each one and what you can afford then start planning and give Champagne Homes, Brisbane’s Northside Building contractors a call.