When you feel your current home is not right for you any longer  or you want to make some major changes you need to decide whether to build a new home or renovate your existing one.  Building a new home is a very exciting and rewarding time,but can be overwhelming if you don’t plan ahead.  While your builder will inform you of all your costs associated with the actual building, remember you’ll need to take into account your home loan fees such as application fees and government stamp duty, buying a block of land, as well as often overlooked costs such as movers for  your furniture into your new home or replacing your old as well as the cost of your new build.

If you decide to renovate, you’ll need to determine how suitable your current dwelling is for renovation before embarking on drawing up plans which can be costly. If your house is structurally sound its a relatively simple matter to just renovate a bathroom or kitchen with some new cupboards or fittings,  but if you are considering tearing out walls and changing the internal plan of your home, your first phone call should be to a builder who can answer all your questions, visit you for a quote and advise you with some ideas and suggestions for renovating.  When you’re looking for house builders in brisbanes northside you can’t go past Champagne Homes.