What do you look for in a builder and how do you find the best one for your job.

A professional builder will operate in a business like manner, they’ll arrange appointments and show up on time.  They should be well organised and deal with your questions and concerns directly,  explaining everything you need to know to satisfy your query.     How a builder deals with you before the job starts should tell you a lot about how you can expect the job to proceed.

The Builders skill and experience in your particular type of project is a must.  Make sure whoever you choose has a solid background and can show you projects they have completed, whether its a new build or a renovation.  They should have a portfolio of work for you to look at and be able to provide you with references from previous customers.

Make sure your builder is licensed as well as qualified.  We are members of the Master Builders Association and hold an impeccable record with the BSA as well for your peace of mind.